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Ošidné linie

Použití širokoúhlých objektivů NIKKOR pro odhalení „ošidných linií“ Varšavy.

Warsaw is known for its diverse architecture reflecting the long and varied history of the city. It has become a perfect venue for Max Leitner , a German photographer , to provide impressive images of architecture - in unusual perspectives.
See how NIKKOR's wide-angle lenses allowed Max to capture the unique lines of urban architecture, including the incorporation of professional free city runner Benni Grams for perspectives and the creation of a variety of optical illusions that would interest viewers in the field of view.

Commenting on his experience in the event, Max Leitner says,  "We are surrounded by interesting lines and I have always been driven by the potential of photography to explore and interpret this environment in detail. Using the lines of contemporary architecture as a guide, sometimes tricky, an observer allows me to convert common things into new visual concepts. By abstracting and manipulating these lines through the composition, you can challenge the perception of space by the observer. We went to Warsaw to find out how far we can move these limits and at the same time capture the impressive contemporary architecture of the city. "

Max photographed with the D850 and the following NIKKOR wide-angle lenses:

AF-S NIKKOR 16-35 mm f / 4G ED VR  -  This ultra-wide lens is equipped with a vibration reduction system to obtain a stable image on the image sensor and the viewfinder. Optical design provides excellent resolution and contrast in various shooting conditions.

AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f / 2.8G ED  - Extremely wide-angle high-gloss lens for professional photographers with Nano Crystal Coat anti-reflective coatings to reduce reflexes and veins. The lens delivers crisp images to the edge of the image field, which is better than equivalent fixed focal length lenses.

AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f / 1,4G ED  - This ultra-high-performance professional widescreen lens delivers perfectly sharp images even in low light. The high lens luminance also offers a bright viewfinder image, and the ultrasonic focusing motor ensures fast and quiet autofocus.

AF-S NIKKOR 35 mm f / 1.4G  - Professional wide-angle fixed-focus lens with high f / 1.4. The lens is equipped with an aspherical optical element for higher resolution and contrast. It is a robust and reliable lens whose optical performance is ideal for photographers looking for the perfect professional lens.

Používané vybavení

AF-S NIKKOR 16–35 mm f/4G ED VR

AF-S NIKKOR 14–24 mm f/2,8G ED

AF-S NIKKOR 24 mm f/1,4G ED

AF-S NIKKOR 35 mm f/1,4G